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Pianist, composer, and arranger Daniel Ketchum is a popular artist with classical and new age style music. As a child, his home was filled with either classical music or jazz. His parents would come home and he would have Mozart playing full blast as he was doing his chores. Daniel first became interested in playing the piano around the age of 12 when he asked his parents for piano lessons. While studying under Lisa Tharp his talents were quickly recognized, composing flowed easily and became the most fulfilling. At the age of 14 Daniel moved to the small town of Boulder, Utah where the lack of piano teachers didn't stop him. He kept playing and writing beautiful piano music and took part in music competitions. He's come a long way from the boy that skipped out on his friends to stay home, play the piano all day or listen to David Lanz and Mozart, his 2 favorite musicians growing up.

Music is Daniel's passion. His greatest ambition is to combine his love of composing music with his beliefs in natural healing. He believes, "Music has a healing effect on the body and soul, is great for effects ranging from reducing feelings of physical pain to boosting memory, even cleansing and restructuring water! Music in it's most pure form is vibration, and scientists have finally discovered what mystics have known for eons, that our universe is made up of frequencies or vibration. In fact everything that exists in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms does so on a vibratory basis. This is why I believe music to be such a potent healing force as it can physically change the state at which the we vibrate, thus creating health!"

Daniel's arrangements flow with a mixture of classical and new age style music. He has released several albums including his favorite that he just finished; "Among The Mist", a collection of 11 songs which includes original piano compositions, remixes and piano with vocals. "Among The Mist" is off to a great start and is getting rave reviews. His second album release, "Poems Of Notes", is massively popular with millions of streams per month and sales soaring.

Some musicians have the ability to transport you to a place of mystery and wonder. A place where imagination takes over and you find yourself saturated by the emotions that the musician feels while composing their work. Master pianist and composer Daniel Ketchum creates that kind of force. He is truly gifted at painting lush canvases of beautifully captivating piano melodies that are both awe inspiring and inspirational. Follow along with Daniel as he takes you on a mystical journey Among The Mist where reality fades away and mesmerizing poems of piano notes wisp you off to a place of musical bliss.


Resonance of Echoes

Among the Mist

From the Heart


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What People Are Saying

CMI Music Group

There is NO question at all that [Daniel's] music is good enough to be in films and scores. NO DOUBT!!! Your music is in the top 3 things Ive heard on here. Being a pianist myself and being classically trained and a huge Beethoven fan I feel exactly what you are writing and playing, but its not just the usual Einaudi copyists, you have a style and originality which endears you to the music totally. -Alex

Mystical Creatures Review

 An absolutely beautiful piece of art. With each note, the music takes you to a place deep within your own imagination. There is a lovely and enchanting melody throughout the entirety of the song. The melody of the song then changes and brings a darker feel to the entirety of the piece. It adds conflict to the story of this song. It is then followed by an uplifting tune to symbolize resolution in the story. Overall, this song is a magnificent piece of artwork with a perfect melody. The song is absolutely stunning. 

Moonlight Willows Review

I really enjoy this song, it is beautifully composed. The writer of this piece has true talent. The hooks and grabs are phenomenal this is one of the best piano riffs i have ever heard. This song sounds like it should belong in a fps like halo. It feels like it tells a story almost and that, makes it a lot better. This is a really great piece of art i rate 10/10. SoundOut.

Mystical Creatures Review

I was happy to find another Daniel Ketchum HIT! This has a lovely melody, and the piano is fantastic, as always. Audiokite.

Among the Mist (Vocal Mix)

BADASS. Action adventure/drama/fantasy/romance...and even horror all in one. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the classical aspect to this piece. I absolutely love it summed up. Audiokite.

Mystical Creatures Review

This song is absolutely beautiful. The artist's piano playing is so haunting and emotional. It would work so well as a movie score. Audiokite.

Mystical Creatures Review

This pianist is extremely talented! The entire song was a real treat to listen to and it genuinely relaxed me. My favorite part was somewhere around the halfway mark, when the melody really intensified. Audiokite.

Among the Mist (Vocal Mix)

Wow! What a beautiful song! It was like...having a mini-vacation at my desk. At first I thought it sounded a bit like a less abrasive version of an Evanescence song, but as it went on I realized it was so much more than that. I don't even feel worthy to give any specific comments, it was just mesmerizing! Audiokite.

Among the Mist (Vocal Mix)

Absolutely loved this and will absolutely follow up on this artist and find out more information on them. Beautiful vocalist, very emotional. Emotional piano playing. Could listen to an album of this. Truly enjoyed listening to this song. Found it emotional and deep. Audiokite.

Moonlight Willows Review

This is beautiful, and a little haunting. A talented performance of what is a deceptively simple piece. Audiokite.

Among the Mist (Vocal Mix)

My God! Loved this song. Her voice, piano, songwriting, everything screams awards. Listened intently. This is a keeper!!! Audiokite.


Daniel Ketchum understands these principles of vibration and their powerful effects in meditation and healing. Read complete interview HERE

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